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Well, I am sorry that all ebay transactions are considered bad. I myself can't attend all events. I try to get from "the source" but have had to resort to ebay to get items I don't have. Also, have sold odd and ends. Even in this case I have extra set for a friend who now can't afford them so I put them up. I did not travel all that way just to get items to sell (don't even have an extra acc pack) I could have just pre-ordered.

I am frustrated at the ebay presale folks, extreme markups and folks who watermark the Disney pictures with their own information.

enough said on this topic from me...

I still like my platform and the folks I meet at the events.
I think what Cindy is talking about is the people who are not neccessarily collectors but people who just buy the pieces then prey on collectors who may have missed release dates. I myself have had to resort to ebay in the past to get pieces I had missed. Luckly, I have not paid a kings ransom for the items.