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    Spooky Town Spooky Town!!!

    We've all seen the Christmas villages that people collect- huge displays of lit houses and shops- fake fluffy snow- little people cavorting in the happiy holiday town.

    Yeah- I love Christmas- but I LOVE Halloween.

    Behold-Spooky Town!!

    Check out the houses, animated displays, figures, etc etc- then check out the Display section. Go to 2004 and find the 1st place winner that year- wow!

    I think I am going to get a couple pieces this year-and then my family has a source of gifts for years!!!

    Squeee!!!! Spooky Town!

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    Re: Spooky Town Spooky Town!!!

    I have a few of the Spooky Town animated displays. I love Spooky Town!

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    Re: Spooky Town Spooky Town!!!

    I love Halloween. I wish I had room for all of this stuff, let alone the money to spend on it.

    I try and stay away from the Dept. 56 store so that I don't buy anything on accident.
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