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    Question Disneyland Holiday Village

    Does anyone know about the Disneyland Holiday Village pieces and if any are coming out this year? Examples are the fire station, emporium, castle, etc. This set also matches the toontown set. I'm looking for the Disneyland version of cityhall and any new pieces out this year. I was in Disneyland at Haloween and talked to cast members who some thought the series was now cancelled and no new pieces were coming out, while others thought new ones were on the way. Any news?

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    Re: Disneyland Holiday Village

    Not sure about the DL series but I have been collecting the WDW series since they debuted. Last piece that came out was in the Summer at WDW was the Haunted Mansion but it doesn't fit in as a Christmas holiday house.

    Usually the DL pieces were released at the same time as their counter parts in Florida though. Last year WDW released the Main St Cinema with Donald and Daisy and City Hall with Jiminy Cricket. City Hall at WDW has been retired already but it can still be found on ebay you may find DL pieces there too.

    Other pieces that I have are WDW's train station w/Mickey, Cinderella castle w/red and green spotlights and Tink (the original version without the fiber optics wreaths) the Emporium w/Minnie, Casey's Corner w/Goofy, Fire House w/ Dalmations, the train and trolley. Some of these pieces mix well with Department 56 Village accessories. I also have the Mickey house, Minnies house, Goofys house, Donalds house boat, Chip and Dales Tree house from the Toon Town series.

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