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    How do I know the "production cells" are authentic?

    I just bought two production cells on eBay - one of Goofy and one of Jiminy Cricket. Question: How can I tell if they are actually "Production Cells?"

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Re: How do I know the "production cells" are authentic?

    The only way to tell is to buy from a reputable seller. For my money the ONLY guy I would ever trust 100% is Phil Sears:

    He is recognised as an official dealer by Disney Corp.

    I'm not saying your cels ain't genuine but did the seller offer any certification or provenance?

    Production cels are rare and expensive items. If they are of age then you would have paid hundreds of dollars. There are modern cels at more modest prices - some computer produced! There are way too many seri-cels these days just mass produced for the market.

    We have a production pencil sketch of Donald Duck from 1939 with total certification - cost $400

    The only way to know for definite is seek an expert opinion and that will cost $$$ too!
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