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    Custom Merchandise

    First off I would like to say that if this is not in the best place/right place I would appreciate if an admin could move it. On another note I'm not sure if this kind of talk is allowed for whichever reason, so if the need arises to delete it, my apologies.

    With that being said, has anyone ever attempted at making their own custom merchandise, be it clothing or toys or anything else? More specifically is there anyone who has had a great t-shirt idea or something that's disney/disneyland inspired/themed but knew they would never find it, if they didn't make it? Did you wind up making it? If the answer is yes, could you elaborate? I would ask for pictures but I don't want to get anyone in trouble.

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    Re: Custom Merchandise

    I have taken inspiration from Disney merchandise and made my own versions several times. Mostly because the Disney versions just aren't "right" but also because some of it is ridiculously expensive. I also just like to make things!

    Some examples:

    Jack Skellington scarf (hand-embroidered)

    Nightmare Before Christmas dolls (hand-embroidered and sewn, part of a craft swap)

    Disney Nerd sweatshirt - I was inspired by this one for sale at the parks, but couldn't justify spending $60 on a sweatshirt. So I custom-made hoodies for me and my friends.

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    Re: Custom Merchandise

    I've made replica builders plates from the engines and hats and shirts for myself with the DLRR logo embroidered on.

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