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    DCL auditions NYC May 11

    Hi everyone,

    The singer auditions in NYC for the DCL are happening on May 11, and there are several I'd like to attend but am not sure exactly about the protocol. At 2pm they are auditioning for "female actresses who sing for belle, cinderella and pocahontas", and at 4pm they are auditioning for "pop gospel singers". Is it appropriate to attend both? Or is it even possible? (the reason I want to go to both is because i have the look of a belle or a cinderella, but i'm a gospel singer) If I had to choose, I'd choose the gospel one. But what do you all think? Any advice? Can I go to both auditions?

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    Re: DCL auditions NYC May 11

    hello emily! im auditioning too, and as far as i know you can audition either both and they accomodate you in the role that suites you the best, i read that in the web page, well, do you know any other information.. do we have to register or something? anything you know please ill apreacciate it

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