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    Slight problem with the new Castaway Club tiers...

    Okay, so I recently logged into my GOLD Castaway Club account and looked at my "past cruises".... There were a few issues. My first cruise way back in 2002, the room number was listed as something on the 6th deck... and I've never stayed on anything but an outside room on the 2nd deck. But that wasn't the only issue. I went on the inaugural westbound Panama Canal crossing in 2005 and that was only a 14 night cruise and it is listed as 15 nights and I think it is possibly the wrong room number again. The next problem was that the cruise that I went on last New Year was listed as a 15 night Panama Canal crossing... and well... neither of the ships were crossing the canal during that time period, I believe... uh....

    **Finally, I know for a fact that I have been on more than 6 "eligible" cruises, and that is what I am listed as having sailed**

    Obviously I've encountered some problems...

    So, has anyone else had any issues of this sort??

    Do you think that the new "tiers" of the Castaway Club-- Silver, Gold, and Platinum-- are a good idea?? Why or why not?

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    Re: Slight problem with the new Castaway Club tiers...

    I think the tiers are a bad idea, when you visit a "disney" anything you are to be treated as a VIP, however with the Tiering it seems that you HAVE to visit MORE and SPEND (ie $400 photo CD) makes you a VIP Disney should have thought this through Disney Cruises are already beyond unaffordable!

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