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    Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise

    My fiancee and I really want to have our honeymoon on a Disney Cruise. We plan on getting married sometime next summer (2011) and are actually basing our wedding date around when a Disney Cruise would be available.

    In looking at the brochures and online, it seems like the 5 night cruise to the Bahamas might be the best one, as they have a lot of "adult only" activities including an adult only beach. However, we are interested in pretty much all the trips they offer - except maybe Alaska. Seems like a nice place to go, but we want to go somewhere warm. Also, we are kinda excited to go on the Disney Dream and slide on water slide on deck. Thoughts?

    Has anyone on here ever had their honeymoon on a Disney Cruise? How do they make it special? What things should we think about doing? Which cruise is the best one?

    And I know this is a silly question, but do they sell Mickey ears on board? It's kinda important to me to get the bride and groom ears and engrave our names on them.

    Any insight would be extremely helpful!!

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    Re: Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise

    There are some people here who have taken a Disney cruise, I'm not sure if it was a honeymoon trip or not.(Congratulations, btw!)

    I would contact the Disney Cruise Lines, I would think they could answer all of your questions and then some. They also might have some extra tips you've never thought of.

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    Re: Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise

    On our last DCL cruise 3 couples were married, 1 couple onboard and the other two on Castaway Cay!, We watched one from a distance, it was a really pretty setting and well done!

    You may have to be married ashore as well. It seems the Lawylers have been messing around with the legality of ship board weddings, seems they didnt like the centurys old international laws of a Captian preforming marriages at sea!

    Call the DCL they will be Happy to answert all your questions I am sure.

    Best of luck! AKK

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    Re: Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise

    I actually had my honeymoon on the Disney Dream. Here is a link to my trip report.
    Disney Magic Cruise August 1 - August 8 (Photo Heavy)

    I never finished it, cause i just had way too many pictures.

    As for going to the Bahamas or Alaska, i would choose Bahamas because that trip has a stop at Castaway Island. Trust me, you have to go see this place.

    I believe there was a wine and dine package to help you celebrate your honeymoon. We didnt do it cause we are not big drinkers. Also you can book a nice romantic dinner at Palo (must book early). Also during one of your dinner they can bring you a nice cake for your honeymoon.

    The ship does have area that is for "adult only" but you still see the kids around. But when your on the ship you will hardly see them. As for the adult only on castaway island. Talk about being on you own island. But if you want to do activity on the island, that is where the family part is at.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.
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    Re: Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise

    Thank for the advice, everyone! And WheresMickey- I really enjoyed your trip report.

    I think the Bahamian cruise is our top choice, especially because of Castaway Cay. Doesn't look like you can go wrong with that!

    However one thing I noticed is the vast price different in 5-night Bahamian Cruise and the 4-night cruise. The 4-night is close to $1,000 LESS per person!! (at least for the Oceanview Stateroom w/ Verandah). That is just insane. So if we took the 4 night instead of the 5 night we'd save $2,000.

    What we might end up doing is taking the 4 night cruise and then staying in Disney World the rest of the week. It actually comes close to the same price of the 5 night cruise...

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    Re: Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise

    I recently went on my honeymoon in October 2009 and spent five days in Disney World and seven days on the Eastern Caribbean Cruise. I wish I had the time to put together a trip report for you. And a big tip for you...we purchased our wedding ears at Disneyland in the fall of 2008 and we were incredibly thankful we did. Disney World had a huge amount of the bride ears but no groom ears anywhere on the property. We had at least four or five couples ask us where we got our groom ears each day! On the cruise, we saw the bride ears, but for the groom ears they had the top hats not the newer groom ears with the tiny top hat and suit tails. And I'm not sure if they put the names on the back on the ship.

    But, we had a great time. It was our third time at Disney World (we were engaged there in 2008) and our first cruise ever. It took us a few days to get our "sea legs" and the boat was rocking pretty bad a few nights, but after a few days, we really got used to it. There were a few other honeymooning couples on the ship, but we grew very close to the other couple at our table and we are hoping to go on another cruise with them someday.

    The nightlife is a lot of fun and Castaway Cay is the best. We had an awesome time parasailing. We are heading on the Disney Dream next June and we can't wait. I hope you have a great time and congratulations!

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