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    Question Disney Wonder 2011 - Differences?

    My family and I are booked for our first Disney cruise aboard the Wonder for 4/10/11 out of LA for the Mexican Riviera. Needless to say we're excited! I was wondering if anyone happens to know of any major differences on this cruise (Other than the obvious geographical ones.) No private island for us on this one!

    I'm assuming rotational dining, and onboard activities such as the launch party, pirates party, etc. will remain, but does anyone know if they'll do fireworks?

    Also, if anyone here is interested in doing the Fish Extender thing, we're game!

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    Re: Disney Wonder 2011 - Differences?

    yha i have takeing the royol cribbben mexcain riveA and thir no privte island and i have got oly cobbo and pv is ok to get off and your at for 2 days stop in cobo san lucus and your sea going to port mulszion and last day at sea your at pv and then you spend day comming home for pv that all i can rember
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    Re: Disney Wonder 2011 - Differences?

    We did the Wonder mid-March for Spring Break. Other than the omission of Castaway Cay, the cruise seemed very similar to the 7-day voyages we've taken on the Magic. Yes, there were Fireworks on Pirate Night!! Pirate buffet, and midnight chocolate buffet.

    Also, I don't think we saw a single Fish Extender hanging on any of the doors on Deck 8 Starboard. But it doesn't mean you can't start it up on your cruise!

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