Anyone have any insight on the blue lagoon excursions in Nassau?

We booked the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Swim, but could not get the earlier time, but the 12:45 reservation time. We were hoping to kill time on the Blue Lagoon Beach which is included with the excursion, but due to the late departure time, we don’t think there would be much time available to do so.

Is the 12:45 time for the excursion when you are supposed to meet to leave the Disney ship? Do you know if it’s possible to head to the island on an earlier ferry, do the beach, and then meet up with your scheduled excursion at the time for the activity?

The descriptions are pretty vague on Disney’s materials. Best I can tell from other sites is the program is approx 1hr and the last ferry back for early groups is 4pm from the island… but Disney’s materials don’t mention the return details, etc.

I’m finding most websites on the topic to be pretty much ‘heres the same description you already read’ with tons of ads and not much real content.. :/

Does the Disney Cruise line phone service get into such details too for planning?