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    So... I'm booking my first Disney Cruise...

    ... as my "Yay! I graduated nursing school!" present to myself. Doing it this weekend. Hopefully I won't jinx this and fail out of nursing school now.

    Anyhoo I maybe taking my good friend (apparently it is like $300 more, not including air travel, for 2 people to go than just the single lady price. I kinda' call that bunk.), the 7 day Western Caribbean, yay! Using my tax refund (yes I am that anal/ scary on top of things where I did my taxes before Jan. ended). So I have a couple of questions:

    1.) Temp/weather in July? My mom was concerned about hurricanes... I'm lived in Southern California, but now am used to Western Washington weather.

    2.) I've gone on 3 day cruises before, but what do I need to pack for a 7 day cruise? How many formal nights are there on a Disney cruise? What's dinner wear like? How much can I pack?

    3.) What do I need to know (aside from the "having fun" part)?

    4.) Tattoos... I know Disney is a family friendly place, but I have 1 visible tattoo (my lamb that's my avatar on my Achilles) and I'm getting another one (the Florence Nightingale lamp on the other Achilles- my friend and I are getting them for graduating). How is that going to work?

    5.) Graduating (can you tell I'm psyched?!), and I want Mouse ears with "Nurse Kim" on them (been wanting that since I started my CNA program)... can I do that? And I heard the doors to the cabin are metal and you can do magnets... Would it be okay if I brought a magnet that said "Kim graduated nursing school!"? Or things to decorate our door? Granted kid-friendly mother approved things but still?

    I am kinda' giddy excited. I swear today, a snow day, I was bathing suit shopping instead of studying for my test. Yeah... I know my priorities are in line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: So... I'm booking my first Disney Cruise...

    July should be nice and warm. Check weather sites, see what the history is for some of the islands you'll be visiting. Seven day cruise- just a few more clothes than you needed for the 3 day. Probably one formal night. We did a 15 night cruise, and we had two formal nights. Dinner: we've worn anything from semi-dressed up clothes to jeans. About all we were told is to avoid wearing shorts.

    Tattoos... don't know that you have much to worry about as a guest.

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! You're going to have a blast. Not sure about the name on the ears, but they should be able to do that. I think. And yes, the doors are metal, lots of people bring magnetic things to decorate their doors.
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