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    Disney Fantasy 7 night Western Caribbean trip report

    We left on June 23 for our seven night Western Caribbean Cruise! When I did the online check-in I set our boarding time for 1-1:30, but we got there a little early and ended up boarding about noon. Even as we pulled up to the port, every detail was "Disneyfied"! I love the hands of the clock!
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    Once inside, they had Mickey and Minnie out taking pictures, and a really cool model of one of the cruise ships!
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    The Fantasy has Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse adorning her stern.
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    Once on board, there are interactive painting, and cute details for the Muppet Detective Agency all around the ship! We spent the first couple of hours on the ship simply walking back and forth on the various floors to see all the little surprises!
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    That evening they have a "Sailing Away" show. I didn't like it as much as the "Anchors Away" show I saw a few years ago on the Wonder, but it was cute. Each character had their own song so it ended up being a little long and boring, but the young kids enjoyed it.
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    There were also shows every night in the Walt Disney Theatre. The first night was basically a musical advertisement about everything you could do on the ship. It followed a family taking a cruise on the Fantasy and covered the restaurants, the Aquaduck, and the various teen, and adult activities. There were some cute songs but overall the show was not up to Disney standards. However, Dave the Magician had a small spot and he was awesome! I don't usually like magicians, but he was hilarious and great at what he did. The kids he brought up onstage were priceless and he worked well with them and all their unexpected antics! The other shows there were Aladdin the musical which was really well done (very similar to the one in DCA), Wishes, which was very cute and definitely Disney! And Believe, about a father who doesn't spend enough time with his daughter... This show was my favorite! Also in the theatre was the premier of Brave, (The screen was not a great quality) and a hypnotist (which we did not see)

    The theater was beautiful, but people started lining up about an hour before the shows in order to get good seats.
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    Throughout the cruise there were almost always characters out and fairly short lines. Usually in the middle of the day there were long lines, but there were a couple of times when the characters were out around 10-10:30pm and they were just standing there with NO line! We walked straight up to Mickey, and multiple princesses!
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    Our stateroom host was great! He asked us if we needed anything the first night and we asked for ice, so every day for the rest of the cruise he brought us fresh ice! The turn down service was great and he would often use my sunglasses for the animals if I left them on the table.
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    Now... Onto the restaurants! Each night we were at a restaurant, they had a different menu and everything about the restaurant was themed really well! The napkins, the plates, even the silverware was themed to fit the restaurant.
    Animator's Palate
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    Our first night there, they had Finding Nemo characters and Crush and Bruce talk to the different tables (Like Turtle Talk with Crush)
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    The menu for our second night there. Our second time we drew on our place mats and our characters became animated and danced around the screens! It was really neat and I have a video of it, but I think it's exciting to be surprised by it, so I'm not going to post it! :-)
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    The Enchanted Garden was a very pretty restaurant. On the website it says that the garden transforms from day to night, and it does, but it's very subtle and if you aren't in one of the center tables it is hard to see.
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    We were also at the Enchanted Garden for pirate night! Which was fun, all of the wait staff were dressed up and the pirate party and fireworks were a lot of fun that night!
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    The Royal Court was beautiful! There were amazing mosaics of princess scenes throughout the restaurant!
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    Even the bread bowl was themed to look like a carriage
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    And the dessert menu looks like an invitation!
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    This was by far the best cruise experience I've ever had. I did not want to leave! Every member of the crew was so nice and friendly, I had a great time just stopping to talk to the various workers just to hear their stories! Every detail was perfect, and there was plenty of fun for everyone! I want Disney to do a two week cruise with no ports just so I can do everything there is to do on the cruise ship!
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    Re: Disney Fantasy 7 night Western Caribbean trip report

    Loved the trip report! Thanks for sharing! Disney Cruises rock!! I'm glad you guys all had fun

    My family has a 7-day cruise booked aboard the Fantasy in December going to Puerto Rico, St. John (I believe), and Castaway Cay. We are so excited!

    We went on the Dream last December and previously we had done 2 Wonder cruises. We were amazed at the size difference.
    ...After a YEAR I finally was able to figure out my password again! I'm baaack! Woohoo!(:
    Disney is my life <3
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    Re: Disney Fantasy 7 night Western Caribbean trip report

    Yay!!!!! I am leaving Friday for the July 21st sailing out for the Western Caribbean. So excited!!!!

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