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    Santa is of no HELP in finding Deals?

    Hi everybody. So it's been very tricky for me lately. I'm use to finding good deals and promotions on line for regular Disney theme parks, but what I found out about Disney cruise lines are that it is so hard to find any deals for it. I'm looking to take my two daughters on a Disney cruise line trip for the first time, but finding good deals have been hard. Anybody have any suggestions? Maybe Santa can comment on this thread with some deals? Meanwhile I'll continue looking myself. Thanks everybody!

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    Re: Santa is of no HELP in finding Deals?

    The Disney ships nearly sell out, that is why there are not many discounts to find.

    Some packages on less popular routes have kid sail free dates that tend to be during the school year.

    Some travel agents will share their commission in the form of an onboard credit.

    Other than that, your are really paying for the length of cruise, room category and season.
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