A while ago I had the pleasure to do a cruise. I just had to try Disney Fantasy because I really liked Disney Dream.

Me and my family travel all the world. It's great to get to know this planet. But it takes alot of energy. To unwind we wanted to go on a caribbean cruise.
After having been on the Dream a year or two ago we had to do the Fantasy as well. We didn't have any children, but we still felt that a Disney cruise would be the best thing for us.

To keep it short IŽm going to point out a few things that came to my mind on the ship.

The ship itself is very nice. It looks really good. The staterooms are ok. Verandah is a must. The theatre, cinema and lobby stands out. All the Disney things they have added around the ship makes it special from other cruise ships. The only thing that makes me think I might go for Allure the next time is the fact that there's not too much to do on either Fantasy and Dream if the cruise is around 5-6 days. Shows are fun, mostly, but since it's Disney I just feel they could have added a bit more.

The food was mostly really good. Sometimes the starters felt a bit sparse. The inbetween meals could do with some more TLC to be honest. The pizzas felt a bit too prefab for me. Thinking of the pizzas... The childrens menu is really bad. I saw many kidds eating the very same pizzas they serve at the pool for dinner. Children should not eat fries and pizzas all the time. Not all childrens parent's aim for their kidds to be on the Biggest Looser.

The people... are mostly American and with children. Europeans know what I'm talking about. It just feels that the people that go on these cruises don't really get out much. You can hear people talking about going on their 10th cruise and their 20th WDW visit. I love Disney Cruise Line and WDW but I'm not going waste my life on it as if Disney was the only way to travel.
Just to make it clear, most of the people I saw on the ship semed really nice. More Europeans with children should go with Disney, just to be fair.

The destinations were all great. Well, the Cayman Islands are not my favorite but it was nice anyway.
I just have to urge anyone going to Castaway Cay to go to the adult beach. It's really good. ...and silent. The water is much more clear. It just feels like a great place to relax and have a drink.

I would recommend anyone that likes sun or cruises to go with Disney Fantasy. It has that extra Disney feeling but still is mature enough to be great without children.

When we went on the cruise we had no kidds with us, since we didn't have any. Now I have fosterson. I will miss the adult beach on Castaway Cay.

Here are some videos I made along the way: