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    Cruise Ship Concierge level

    Looking at taking our first cruise later this year. Is concierge worth it?

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    Re: Cruise Ship Concierge level

    First cruise on DCL or first cruise ever?

    If you have never cruised, NO!

    If you have cruised a lot, Maybe.

    Concierge level rooms, are the some of the same rooms, slightly nicer but with perks. You can makes reservations earlier, that makes them guaranteed available. For the most part reservations are not hard to come by if done in advance of the cruise.

    You do get access to the lounge, which is ok. The ships are huge and you need a week long trip or longer to really see it all. The lounge offers one money saving thing, free drinks. Not all the time but a couple times a day, where as alcohol is always available but costs extra on the rest of the ship.

    The things that are nicer about the rooms are better linen, and they are high on the ship. Being high it not always a plus, it may mean far from lots of things.

    The rooms on DCL all are nice. The meals all nice. The ships all nice. Plenty of space, amenities, and service. Don't pay extra for a tiny bit more unless you've seen the rest.
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