Dining Onboard the Ship- click on the links for the menus
  • Animators Palate Menu (on both Ships)
    Savor a dining experience that caters to the magic of animation. Step into an ever-changing environment that begins in black and white, and blooms into the wonderful world of color from Disney's classic animated films. Enjoy both fabulous food and the brilliance of Disney's greatest artists in a marvelous meal that's always a celebration.
  • Triton's Menu (on the Wonder)
    Enjoy fine dining "under the sea" in this elegant setting in the Disney Wonder®, named after the King in Disney's animated classic, "The Little Mermaid." Savor delicious seafood specialties, along with a wide range of delectable delights amidst a dazzling Art Deco environment. Become a member of a royal family — at Triton's.
  • Lumiere's Menu (on the Magic)
    Dine in style in this stunning setting in the Disney Magic®, named after the candelabra with elegant tastes from Disney's animated classic, "Beauty and the Beast." Savor Continental cuisine with a French flair amidst the splendor of an Art Deco theme, highlighted with a gorgeous rose salute to the film. Be Our Guest — at Lumiere's.
  • Parrot Cay Menu (on both Ships)
    Step into a bright and festive world. Be surrounded by brilliant colors, beautiful chandeliers and a bountiful bamboo and green-leaf motif. Discover the festive tastes of the islands in this extraordinary eatery where colors bloom and the fun and spirit of the Bahamas inhabit every corner. It's a setting filled with the joyful sounds, the inspiring feelings and — most of all — the savory delights of the Caribbean.
  • Palo's Menu (on both Ships)
    Experience elegant dining in an intimate atmosphere exclusively for adults. Treasure a romantic dinner and, on 7-night cruises, an exquisite champagne brunch or a relaxing afternoon high tea. Engage every one of your senses with the sweeping ocean view, unsurpassed service and inspired Northern Italian specialties. Buono Appetito!
  • More Dining Options onboard the DCL