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    Re: The Sub in the Panama Canal

    What a beautiful picture:

    It looks hand painted. Thank you for sharing!!!
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    Re: The Sub in the Panama Canal

    Quote Originally Posted by penguinsoda View Post
    Amazing!! I personally would not want to be standing on the outside of that thing!!

    They are safety -lined to the deck. Also those vests you see them wearing are called Float Coats. They are basically life jackets that auto-inflate when they hit water and have a water activated glowstick on them as well.

    They are basically the same thing you see flightdeck personnell wearing in any shot of a carrier's flightdeck you see on TV.

    Can't tell you which sub that was as I do not see a hull number and I am not sure I could tell you in any case.

    Though based on the pics its a Los Angelos class attack sub or SSN.


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