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    Question about Castaway Cay

    My wife and I were watching a special on the Travel Channel last night and she asked me a question that I realized I actually didn't know the answer to. Her question was:

    "Is there staff who lives on Castaway Cay all the time or is the staff just made up of people who normally have jobs on the ship when it docks and what happens on Castaway Cay when the ships aren't there? How do they stop someone else from just docking their own boat on the island when one of the Cruise Liners aren't there."

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    Re: Question about Castaway Cay

    The Animal Trainers live on the island, but most of the staff does come from the ship.
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    Re: Question about Castaway Cay

    There is a small group (4-7 people) who do live on the island and keep it running during the week and prep it for the ship arrival. Someone has to lay out all the chairs, and towels BEFORE the ship gets there. Not to mention laundry and food prep, etc. I'm not sure if it was mentioned in the Travel Channel special last night, but one of the various Disney Cruise Line shows (either on History or Travel) did mention this fact and actually showed the teams weekly prep and setup.

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    Re: Question about Castaway Cay

    Yes it's true staff do live there. There's also a hurricane shelter should they need it. The post mistress at the Post office is listed as May B. Tamara

    The runners (servers) for the adult beach come from the ship when it moors.

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