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    re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    I've played the piano since I was 5, and I played the clarinet 5th grade-12th grade (I don't play now, but I could probably still play if I wanted to). I want to learn the violin and guitar.
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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    Don't remember exactly when I started but I played piano for about five years I think. I started playing alto saxophone in 2002 and am still loving it! I play a lot of jazz (pretty much the first thing you think about with the sax).

    And if you want to know, I am also great at Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

    I just LOVE music!

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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    Let me see...

    *Organ, violin & Clarinet in elementary school
    *Keyboards/synth in jr high
    *Choir in high school

    These days I still sing a bit and I can still play a little keyboard and also a little guitar.

    The BF, on the other hand, is a guitar god. Frickin' amazing.

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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    Theatre organist here. My first introduction to playing any instrument was a year and a half ago, and I've loved it ever since.

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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    I've been singing all my life; never took a lesson, I just worked hard at making sure I was singing the right notes, and it just went on from there. I made Districts 3 years in a row, in High School. I primarily sing Low Bass, but with the marvel of Falsetto, can sing up to Low Soprano. I'm def. out of practice, but I try to keep up with it, as much as possible. I do miss singing in a group (with other people who can sing ). My comfortable, no shrieking range is 3 B-flats below middle C up to 1 C above middle C. When I practice a lot, I can go up to G above the Treble Clef, and down to 3 Gs below middle C.

    I sang in the regular school Chorus (why we weren't called a choir, I don't know), and also in Jazz Choir and the Senior Choir for graduation.

    I played Tuba in High School for two years. I made Districts once (because I only auditioned my Senior year), and my Director found out that the next lowest score below mine was 70 points lower. Needless to say, I was the only one that made it in, and they had to hire a second Tuba player from a local college to play 2nd chair.

    I also taught myself Trombone, to play in the school Jazz Band, but that didn't work out. Well, the Trombone did, but not joining the Jazz Band.

    For Graduation, my parents bought me a Tenor Sax, which I still have to this day, but don't have enough time to play. And a good friend of mine gave me his Clarinet from when he was in school (around 40 years ago). I had it repaired and restored, and it plays nicely... when I have time to practice (which is hardly ever >_<).

    I also took piano lessons when I was a wee lad , but that didn't last for long, as my attention span didn't last very long, either. My brother is the piano player in the family, and I always got his old keyboards when he got new ones. My skills are between Beginner and Intermediate. I have the hardest time separating the motions of my hands, though. I'm working on that. And I just recently bought a Casio WK-200 (my first brand-spankin'-new keyboard. This one's def. not a hand me down ), and am working on my piano skills. My goal is to be able to play Ragtime, and to play it well.

    Thank you for starting this thread!

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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    I play Bass, Guitar, teaching myself piano.

    I also compose, create, program, whatever term would be appropriate at the time music as well.

    Check me out at the following sites: beats for sale - Buy & Sell Instrumental Rap & Hip Hop Beats Online - View Profile: Dizzle Beats

    or - Dizz Jong - The city by the city by the city by the water, California - Hip Hop / Drum & Bass / Rap -

    The myspace site has full songs. Even a TR about Disneyland in audio form. I'm second on that song...uh hem....Parental Advisory.

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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    My daughters play.
    YouTube - Old Joe Clark

    That's my 13 year old in the local college symphony (third one from the left back row on violin).

    and here they are ready for a Bluegrass gig.
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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    I play guitar (albeit poorly, unless you count knowing quite a few Misfits songs)

    I also dabble in the drums. I can keep up so far with "That's All" by Genesis, and am slowly getting the hang of "Misunderstanding"

    "The moose say's you're closed, i say you're open" Clark W. Griswold

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    Re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    I'd like to think that anytime I get 99 to 100% on expert on Guitar Hero or Rock Band that it's attributable to 6 years of cello and 15 (and counting) years of playing guitar.

    My dream instrument to play/learn/master is pedal steel guitar.

    If only we all could form a MiceChat Disney theme tribute band! Then we could submit an entry to that "Record IASW" contest.
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