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    Vintage music of Walt Disney for sale today on WOOT

    So one of my favorite websites in the whole world Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM) is selling something disney today. This website is amazing, everyday they sell one thing until they sell out of it, yesterday they had new ipods and at amazing deal. Today they are offering a vintage deadstock record - The Magical World of Walt disney original motion picture sound tracks with full color book. The records features - Four long-playing vinyl records featuring all the songs and sounds of the Disney pictures you loved back when. These are vintage vinyl, i'm a HUGE record collector and i thought this was interest some other mice chatters that collect records..

    FEATURES ------------------
    Original 1978 release, not a reissue or remaster
    Anthology of classic Disney art and music
    Music, dialogue, and sound effects from original Walt Disney motion picture soundtracks, Compiled from famous Disney cartoons, classics, animated features, live action films, Disneyland, and Walt Disney world
    52 page full color book includes a collection of authentic Disney art including original sketches, drawings, paintings, film stills and rare behind the scenes photographs, Released in 1978 to commemorate Mickey Mouse's 50th birthday, Ovation Records collected the Music, Dialogue and Sound Effects from 37 Original Walt Disney Motion Picture Soundtracks and masterfully reprocessed them, This special commemorative edition box set covers Disney’s career and the history of Walt Disney Productions with special emphasis on the music and the people who created it
    Reprocessed for stereo sound, Written and produced by Dick Schory

    Walt Disney Vinyl Box Set
    52 Color Page Book
    Vinyl Sleeves
    Features the music from these Disney Film Classics:

    Mickey Mouse Cartoons:

    1928 Steamboat Willie
    1929 Mickey’s Follies
    1931 The Delivery Boy
    1931 Blue Rhythm
    1932 The Whoopee Party
    1933 Building a Building
    1933 Mickey’s Gala Premier
    1934 The Orphans’ Benefit
    1935 The Band Concert
    1936 Mickey’s Grand Opera
    1942 Symphony Hour
    The Silly Symphonies:

    1933 Three Little Pigs
    The Early Animated Features:

    1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    1940 Pinocchio
    1940 Fantasia
    1941 Dumbo
    1942 Bambi
    Cartoon Classics of the ‘40’s:

    1941 Reluctant Dragon
    1943 Saludos Amigos
    1945 The Three Caballeros
    1946 Make Mine Music
    1947 Fun and Fancy Free
    1948 Melody Time
    Animated Live Action:

    1946 Song of the South
    Animated Features of the 50’s:

    1950 Cinderella
    1953 Peter Pan
    1955 Lady and the Tramp
    1959 Sleeping Beauty
    True Life Adventures:

    1954 The Vanishing Prarie
    Animated Features of the 60’s and 70’s

    1961 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
    1963 Sword in the Stone
    1966 Winnie the Pooh
    1967 Jungle Book
    1973 Robin Hood
    1977 The Rescuers
    The Animated Live/Action Musicals:

    1964 Mary Poppins
    1977 Pete’s Dragon
    Music of the Magic Kingdom

    In the box:

    Four Long Playing Vinyl Records
    52 Page Full-Color Book

    i've seen a few of them on ebay ranging in price from 5 bucks to 50 bucks but they were all used, this is a brand new vintage record from 1978 that has never been played or touched, still in plastic....!!!!!!
    hope you guys like it... i don't post very often, and i still have to make it over to a meet one day.... hopefullly it'll be soon!!!

    = )

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    Re: Vintage music of Walt Disney for sale today on WOOT

    That's really cool. Thanks for sharing. I have a small collection of vinyl and would love to add this.

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    Re: Vintage music of Walt Disney for sale today on WOOT

    Thanks, Sweet C! I just ordered mine. That's a great find.

    Cool site!

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