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    Michael Jackson's final recording "This Is It"

    On CNN, Kenny Ortega was interviewed, regarding the untimely passing of Michael Jackson. Kenny is already the big name in choreography over the decades, including several tied to Disney, including the High School Musicals, Hannah Montana, among others. Kenny had also worked with Michael Jackson on several of Michael's projects, over the years, was director for the upcoming tour.

    Kenny Ortega mentioned that a full run through, for Michael's previously scheduled, upcoming tour, did occur the day before Michael passed away. Not only was a full run through completed,

    Another article says :

    Jackson's last rehearsal, filmed on the eve of his death and recorded in multi-camera, high-definition video, could be released as the performer's last album, . . . . One AEG official boasted to a colleague this weekend, “We have a live album in the can.”

    Taped Jackson's Last Night Alive Could Be CD, DVD | The Wrap

    Michael Jackson's last rehearsal: 'just beaming with gladness' - Los Angeles Times

    Jackson in Brief: Last rehearsal was 'filmed in HD' - News, Music - The Independent

    In a CNN interview, Kenny Ortega also said that Michael Jackson "Had invented a new version of the Moonwalk". But stopped short of saying whether this had been captured on video.

    The timing and release of Michael's newest album, and on the eve of the beginning of his anticipated last tour, just adds to how surreal his passing already is. I'm really looking forward to seeing the video of the rehersal, and grateful that it will be available in some form, and sad that no one will get a chance to see the actual full concert in person. What a mixed bag of emmotions his passing has lead to. Thankfully, much of it is celebrating his life. And his loss is being expressed in such a variety of ways, and as unique as an individual as Michael was.

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    Re: Michael Jackson's final recording "This Is It"

    Interesting. I hope they don't release footage that is overly "rough" and not meant for public viewing, but hopefully the footage will be good.

    I read another rumour that he recorded as many as 100 unreleased songs. Some were probably not released for a reason, but it wouldn't surprise me if we see quite a bit of "new" Michael Jackson material.

    I hadn't listened to his stuff in a while, so I was listening to his music the last few days, and I was really struck by just how extremely good it is.
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    Re: Michael Jackson's final recording "This Is It"

    I had heard about the "new" moonwalk -- I sure hope someone has that on video!

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    Re: Michael Jackson's final recording "This Is It"

    I hope they put the vid on youtube.

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