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    Animated Disney Film Soundtracks

    In some of the more recent Disney animated films, it has been common for a well-known musician to perform songs for the film's soundtrack. (Example: Elton John in The Lion King, Phil Collins in Tarzan, etc.) and in some cases, they perform the WHOLE soundtrack. Well, if Disney is to continue this trend... who do you want to sing a film's soundtrack?

    I would like to see Coldplay, or U2 do the soundtrack. I guess it isn't really common for a whole band to perform songs, but I think that Bono (the singer of U2, for those who aren't familiar) would do a good Disney soundtrack (even though I don't like the guy at all). Chris Martin (singer of Coldplay...) would also make a mean soundtrack. Phil Collins is one of my favorites, but he has already lent his talent to Tarzan.
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    Re: Animated Disney Film Soundtracks

    Disney already granted my wish by giving the Tinker Bell movie to Loreena McKennitt. I can't think of anything to top that.

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    Re: Animated Disney Film Soundtracks

    U2 is my favorite band ever but I really can't see a storyline that would be good for them to perform the entire way through. BUT... i certainly think that they could potentially write the songs (the way elton john did for Lion King). Bono is writing the music for the Spider-Man Musical so we'll have to see how that sounds first before I make a final decision.

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    Re: Animated Disney Film Soundtracks

    ^^ The Edge is doing that writing with Bono as well.

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