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    Disney CDs to take for a road trip...

    So im driving to California from Tucson,AZ and was wondering what CDs that have disney music either from the movies or the park are out there. I havent been able to find any...but maybe im just not searching hard enough.
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    Hope I was helpful!

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    Re: Disney CDs to take for a road trip...

    Try looking for the Disneyland 50th box set on ebay.

    I personally like this Japanese import CD I bought years ago called "Disney's Super Best". Just songs from the different movies from Snow White up through Lion King I think.

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    Re: Disney CDs to take for a road trip...

    [ame=] disney: Music[/ame] 6,999 results. Also try best buy, barnes and noble, boarders... you probably have to look at the children's section.
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    Re: Disney CDs to take for a road trip...

    CD's? How 1980's

    Seriously I just got back from a road trip from Colorado to Sacramento, and Disney music rumbled from our iPod throughout the trip.
    Disneyland 50th was great, fun was the soundtrack to A Goofy Movie. Lion King in French, Little Mermaid in Spanish, and Legacy in Music were also favorites

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