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    Re: New moon and your daughter

    Quote Originally Posted by MissChristine View Post
    Looking forward to Dakota Fanning's interpretation of Jane, though!
    This one. ^ I've always loved Dakota's acting ability, I sincerely hope she brings it to this role.

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    Re: New moon and your daughter

    I didn't get anything out of the Twilight books. In every book, there should be some kind of transformation, whether it's from good to bad, bad to good, innocence to experience. What's the point of a book if the character you get so attached to doesn't change or learn anything? In my opinion, Bella doesn't change at all (besides physically) between book one and book four. She is still the same stupid teenager, and if she did it all again, she'd make the same mistakes. If I had kids, I don't think I'd keep them from reading the series, but I'd certainly be concerned if they enjoyed it. Edward is abusive, Bella is submissive, and she chooses to become something she was never intended to be, just for a guy who's "in love" with her. They're dumb books.

    Also, most guys that SPARKLE aren't into girls. :]

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