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    Boys II Men Anyone?

    Who here loves boys II men like I do? I just received this awesome album they cam out with last month. Itís freaking awesome. They interpret many impressive songs from the beatles to journey. Heres the link [ame= ASIN=B002NWRMJ0] Love: Boyz II Men: Music[/ame]

    Let me know what you think!!

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    Re: Boys II Men Anyone?

    Boyz to Men are still making music? I thought one of them died? Or am I mistaken?
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    Re: Boys II Men Anyone?

    The tall guy that sang bass isn't there anymore. It's just 3 of them now.

    I haven't listened to them since high school.

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    Re: Boys II Men Anyone?

    Promo on the new album:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Boyz II Men Discuss New Album "Love" - Out 11/23[/ame]

    By the way, it's Boyz II Men, with a Z.

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    Re: Boys II Men Anyone?

    i grew up listening to boyz ii men. they're still making music, but their past couple albums have been mostly revisits/covers to older classics, but still good.

    and no, none of the members have died. Michael had to leave the group due to chronic back problems.

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