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    'Babysitters Club' returns

    I totally remember these! I used to swear by them when I was younger. I know i'll be anxious to read these.

    'Babysitters Club' returns – The Marquee Blog - Blogs

    I wasn’t very excited when George Lucas decided to do a prequel to “Star Wars.” I can’t get jazzed about Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit.” But Ann M. Martin writing a prequel to “The Babysitters Club” is something I can really get behind. Like thousands of other women now approaching our late 20s and early 30s, I grew up with the members of the Babysitters Club. Of course I want to see what Kristy, Claudia and Mary Anne were up to before Kristy had the big idea to start the club when her mom couldn’t find a sitter for her younger brother David Michael.
    The BSC (as it is fondly known to fans) inspired a generation of young women in friendship and entrepreneurship. Now publisher Scholastic Inc. is hoping it will inspire a new generation of girls.
    According to The New York Times, Martin is writing “The Summer Before,” the prequel to the series. Scholastic will also reissue the first two volumes of the series (which have been out of print), presumably to garner interest in today’s tween set, which seems more interested in gossip girls and vampires than in babysitters.
    The relatively scandal-free series (I think the biggest scandal was when Mary Anne invited her boyfriend Logan along on a sitting job and was caught with a boy in the house) may seem tame to today’s readers, but the themes of friendship, family and working to get what you want could be exactly what little girls today are looking for - even if they don’t know it yet.
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    Re: 'Babysitters Club' returns

    I find this interesting. I grew up reading these, they were what got me psyched into reading (and the way my parents would punish me is they'd tell me I couldn't read for x amount of days...), so I'd like another generation of girls to get into them. I think I still have my collection somewhere. Actually if they made a series of the girls in their twenties I'd be interested in that!

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