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    Sister Act - The Musical - The Follow Up

    Last year I started this thread...

    This week I visited London and saw the show.

    This may be a little late as the show has been running for 9 or 10 months now, but I just had to say how FABULOUS it was!

    The cast were uniformally superb, the scenery clever (a revolving stage among many other seemless trickery) and the script and score nigh-on perfect. It had me laughing, cheering and even crying in all the right places! (I did however feel that some of the direction was a little uninspired at times and the final 'chase sequence' had a great concept but just didn't quite work for me.)

    But these are minor gripes - with the huge success it is enjoying over here in England, I can imagine it is only a matter of time before it appears on Broadway... so start saving up for those tickets now - it's worth it!

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    Re: Sister Act - The Musical - The Follow Up

    So glad to hear this! I was a little wary of the idea, but with this positive review, and Alan Menken writing the music, I hope it does come to Broadway soon!
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