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    Walter Moers' Zamonia Series

    If anyone is interested, I have fallen in love with an author that is a fantastic storyteller!

    Walter Moers has written several cult-classics that are huge in the UK. So far in his series I have read "The 13 1/2 Live of Captain Bluebear", which is touted as being a mashup of J.K. Rowling, Shell Silverstein and Douglas Adams. After that I read "Rumo", an epic romance on par with "The Princess Bride". I am now working on the next book in the series, "The City of Dreaming Books", which has been phenomenal! There are two other books in the series that I have yet to get my hands on:

    "A Wild Ride Through The Night"
    "The Alchemaster's Apprentice"

    If you like Science Fiction and Fantasy, you'll love Walter Moers' stories.

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    Re: Walter Moers' Zamonia Series

    Sounds interesting, thanks for the tip-off!
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