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    A Band Called Edison Square A Disney rock band thats not the jonas brothers!

    I was on google looking up some information on projects for Disneyland that never was and I ran into a link that said there is a band called Edison Square where they play songs that interest the Disney Fan community!

    They've been out for awhile and they can't get their music out there anymore due to copyright or some other legal mumbo jumbo. Now I have a question, does anyone know where I can find their albums...and if not we should do something to get this band back up! some of their music lyrics are actually pretty cool. they parody songs and add they're own lyrics to them that relate to Disneyland.

    Here's the link I found for the band.
    Edison Square -- Home of the original all Disney and Disneyland fan rock band

    for all I know they probably have disbanded since their last update was in 2008 =(. but can't hurt to try you know.
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