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    Smile What should be in Born This Way?

    Which demos or unreleased tracks from Lady Gaga do you believe/hope will find a place in her upcoming album, Born This Way?

    What I believe will be in there:

    Born This Way (duh!):
    YouTube - Lady Gaga - Born This Way

    You and I:
    YouTube - Lady Gaga You and I Live on The Today Show

    Fooled Me Again(Honest Eyes):
    YouTube - Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) - Lady Gaga (Official)

    Then You'd Love Me:
    YouTube - Lady Gaga - Then You Love Me ( Full Song )

    YouTube - Lady Gaga - Greatest ( Full Song )

    Future Love:
    YouTube - Lady Gaga - Future Love ( Full Song )

    Glitter And Grease:
    YouTube - Lady Gaga - Glitter & Grease ( Full Song )

    What I wish will be in there (not likely songs):

    Super Lover:
    YouTube - Lady Gaga - Super Lover [NEW SONG 2010]

    YouTube - Lady Gaga - SuperStar ( Full Song )

    Changing Skies:
    YouTube - Lady Gaga - Changing Skies (Full Song )

    Any remixes of previous hits

    What do you guys think? Do you know any other demos that you would enjoy to have on her knew album? Post them! Are there any on this list that you wouldn't like to have on her album?

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    Re: What should be in Born This Way?

    I was thinking that maybe she'll include Vanity/Glitter and Grease on it....
    Or you could buy it from itunes if you download the whole album...(like Disco Heaven)
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    Re: What should be in Born This Way?

    Born This way isn't going to include any old tracks such as vanity or glitter and grease, many of the other tracks listed were leaked and i am pretty sure they are old as this album is going to bring a brand new sound. This is with exception of You and I and also another song called living onthe radio

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    Re: What should be in Born This Way?

    A new single should be expected very soon, correct?

    And I don't think she will include Glitter and Grease/Vanity, I think her new album will be completely fresh.

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