So my brother (he's a total grown-up and even has kids) sent us a huge box for Solstice (I celebrate both Solstice and Christmas), and I dragged it into the house. Inside was a huge basket of goodies. That was for my parents. Then, I saw something wrapped in wrapping paper. It was for me. I opened the paper, and saw the book I had been wanting since Summer. Disney/Pixar's Toy Story Storybook Collection. I immediately started reading it. First, there were 2 stories themed to the first Toy Story. U know, front half, back half. Then, they did the same for 2. After that, they just had these stories that had nothing to do w/ the movies other than the characters. Then came 1 quick one about Toy Story 3. Possibly the FUNNIEST story in there is called "Tuned In". It's all about when the toys have dif ideas about what 2 watch, they get crazy w/ the remote, and Woody and Jessie (especially Woody, but Jessie kinda gets into it, 2!) won't stop rambling on about Woody's Roundup. Another funny one is called "The Longest Day" It's all about how it's Andy's last day of school, the toys are all so excited about Summer, they start playing games (such as Roundup, in which Jessie gets a little carried away w/ a lasso, "laser" tag, in which Woody and RC crash into Andy's wastebasket, Hide-and-Seek, in which Hamm falls asleep while counting, and Knights-and-Dragon, in which Buster knocks down the entire castle Andy built the night before).

If u haven't bought this book, BUY IT!!!!!!