Over the past weekend, August 19th, 20th & 21st, The Hollywood Bowl had a concert with Fantasia. Described as evening of selections from the classic film with clips on the Bowl’s big screen accompanied live by the orchestra. You’ll see your favorites, plus a glimpse into the brilliant artwork and unfinished segments of this Disney masterpiece.

I went on Sunday and was very impressed. It really had 4 pieces of music and film that were in production for the original Fantasia but were not included for various reasons. These originals were mixed in the pieces that you are use to seeing with Fantasia.

The first one was “Destino” created by Salvador Dalí. This video was finished a few years back and because it is Dali, one just can’t describe it.

The second one was “The Swan of Tuonela”. This one was the least complete using still images from per-production drawings with a little bit of motion graphics added.

The Third one was “Clair De Lune”. What was shown was a work print found in a vault a few years back and restored. From my point of view it looked fairly well finished, but who knows what it would have looked like if they had finished it.

The final one was an encore for the whole show and not listed in the program book. This encore was “Flight of the bumble bee”. I had never seen or hear about this segment, but it also looked finished. It was great!

Seeing these four treasures real made the performance very special.