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    Etta James has died

    A true music legend has left us. You will be missed.

    Etta James has died | The Music Mix |

    Etta James, an icon of mid-century soul and R&B, has passed away in Riverside, California, after a long battle with leukemia. She was 73.Born Jamesetta Hawkins to an unwed 14-year-old mother in Los Angeles in 1938, James began singing in church as a child, and by age twelve had moved to San Francisco, where she formed a doo-wop trio called the Creolettes. Returning to L.A. in 1954, she rechristened the group the Peaches, changed her own name to Etta James, and professionally recorded her first song,”The Wallflower”; a solo recording contract soon followed.Her 18-year tenure at Chicago’s Chess Records — partly documented in the 2008 filmCadillac Records, in which Beyoncé famously played the singer — led to James’ most fertile period commercially, even as it coincided with her increasingly heavy use of heroin and alcohol.It was at Chess that she released hits like “Trust In Me,” “Something’s Got a Hold On Me,” and the song that would become her signature, “At Last” (though at the time, it peaked at #47 on the mainstream pop charts).
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    Re: Etta James has died

    Here are some pics from the 2005 Fountain Blues Festival in San Jose. I'd Rather go Blind is about as powerful a piece of blues as you'll ever find. She was practically giving the chair a lap dance; a nasty ol' broad until the end. Watch Cadillac Records.

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    Re: Etta James has died

    Etta's "Sugar on the Floor" is one of my all time favorite blues songs. Amazing!! And her version of "These Little Things" should be the standard on how that song should be sung.

    Etta James' death hit me, personally, much harder than Whitney Houston's (not taking anything away from Ms. Houston).
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