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    Thumbs up What book do YOU want to be made/remade into a film?

    A lot of books are made into movies, such as the Harry Potter series, The Help, majority of shakespeare books. What books do YOU want to be made or remade. You can say if you want who the cast/crew were.
    Some of My choices:
    1. The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie(Also the first Tommy and Tuppence novel)REMAKE: This books take place in the London/UK in the 1920s. The novel is one mystery where the mysterious villian is unknow until the nearly the end(like all her books). Tommy and Tuppence are NOT like 'Bella and Edward'. They are smart, young people who are secretly in love with each other . The tale has wit, humor and suspense. The story has been filmed before, but I think it should be remade with Rupert Grint playing Tommy. I am not sure who play Tuppence though.

    2. I am the Messenger/The Messenger by Mark Zusac Ed is young cab driver who considers to be somewhat of a disgrace, but after becoming a hero stopping a criminal, he receives playing cards with names on it that lead him to different people or families where he must deliver a"messange", but he doesn't know what the message is?! He has to learn what they are some are small 'giving ice cream to someone' to startling 'stopping two brothers from frequently beating each other up in violent fights'. The book can be dark, sometimes R rated, but has an (yes I am honest) inspirational moral at the end. Mark Zusac Also wrote the Book Thief, another good book.

    Post Away what books you to be made/remade into films!

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    Re: What book do YOU want to be made/remade into a film?

    The Looking Glass Wars for sure. Maybe a well done movie series of Jules Verne stories that are based in that time period. Also the Kingdom Keepers series. Maybe H.G. Welles "The Time Machine"

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