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    R.I.P. "MCA" aka Adam Yauch

    Sad day today.
    We lost a Beastie Boy.

    Adam 'MCA' Yauch of the Beastie Boys dies at 47 -

    In tribute, here's the Beastie Boys on David Letterman doing one of the best T.V. intro's ever.
    "From NYC subway, to the streets, into the studio"

    <font color="#8b0000">

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    Re: R.I.P. "MCA" aka Adam Yauch

    This is a REALLY hard one to swallow. RIP Adam. You will certainly be missed.

    From my favorite album of theirs.

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    Re: R.I.P. "MCA" aka Adam Yauch

    Huge loss. I was lucky enough to see them live a couple of times.

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    Re: R.I.P. "MCA" aka Adam Yauch

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