This Saturday! Be there or be rectangular:

Moruzzi’s Classic Dining Book Launch Nov 10th! | Peter Moruzzi's America After Dark

You and your friends are invited to Pete Moruzzi’s Book Launch / Slide Talk for “Classic Dining: Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants”

When: Saturday, November 10th. 7 – 9pm
Where: Wacko. 4633 Hollywood Boulevard (323) 663-0122
And it’s Free!

There will be exciting hors d’oeuvres and mesmerizing cocktails provided by several of the book’s classic restaurants!
Here’s a summary of my slide talk:

Continental Style from Caesar to Thermidor: Classic Dining in America

Nightlife historian Peter Moruzzi takes you to America’s finest mid-century restaurants – continental style fine dining establishments, historic steakhouses, lounge restaurants and Polynesian palaces – that persevere in U.S. cities large and small. Through exclusive new and vintage photography, Moruzzi celebrates culinary pioneers and multi-generation restaurateurs, uncovers authentic gems, and debunks the predicted demise of the white tablecloth restaurant. A rollicking journey from past to present.

See you there!