Who is the father of Michael Jackson’s kids?


Here's my Jackson kids story: It was really unusual, touring Disneyland a few years back with a friend who needed a GAP. We saw Michael Jackson's two sons with Uncle Jermaine Jackson at the exit to Splash as we were leaving (they were going on the ride next), then we ran into them at Big Thunder Mountain. Then everyone was talking about having just seen them in Fantasyland as we waited in the line up.

We moved on to Matterhorn, and who was there? The Jacksons again. I said, "this is getting ridiculous, let's tour the park in the opposite direction."

That day, "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" was down for a day. I later found out that Disneyland had set up a special screening of "CAPTAIN EO" for the kids, who had never seen it. And afterwards, the family apparently gave Disney the OK to bring the ride back from retirement.