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    Soundtrack of your Life

    While reading all these posts on the music forums here at MiceChat, i got to thinking. What if i had carte blache to select 12 songs that best represent me, or have significant meaning to me, to put on a CD (or Vinyl). What would that look like?

    So here's a challenge to all MCer's. Select 12 and only 12 songs to form the soundtrack of your life. I know most cd's can hold more, but 12 is the magic number! They should be in order of age i.e. songs that mean alot or are significant to you when you were young to current age. I'll start off to give you guys an idea.

    Sgtpeper's Soundtrack

    1. Welcome Back (Theme From Welcome Back Kotter) - John Sebastion. (First song i knew from start to finish)
    2. Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield (First 45 I bought and played it till it busted)
    3. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZtop ("Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvins theme song and the first song that really got me into "classic rock")
    4. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns n' Roses (Started my fascination with hard rock and the video just freaked me out)
    5. My Generation - The Who (Made me want to play guitar and smash things)
    6. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers (First date movie "Ghost" to be followed by first kiss)
    7. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana (There are better Nirvana songs, but this brought me into the fold and changed my life)
    8. Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles (I've always loved the Beatles, but this song was playing during a couple of firsts that i will not expand on in a family forum)
    9. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (Honestly most of Side 3 of "The Wall" got me through a bad breakup)
    10. Forrest Gump Suite - Alan Silvestri (I can't listen to it at all, it reminds me of my mom)
    11. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys (Always loved the Beach Boys, but this was my wedding song to my wife)
    12. Wake Up Jeff - The Wiggles (My son's first song, played ad nausem for 18 months, but no matter what it always made him smile)

    Well there ya go. Let's see yours!!!
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    Re: Soundtrack of your Life

    hmmm.... lets try this out.

    1. I got a golden ticket from willy wonka(first song i can ever remember singing at a young age.)
    2. I would walk five thousand miles by the proclaimers(loved this song growing up!)
    3. feed the birds from mary poppins(this might have been what got me hooked onto disney!)
    4. Master of the house from les mis(my favorite and first musical that i saw)
    5. Desert rose by sting-(that was my favorite radio tune when it first came out)
    6. dead mans party by oingo boingo( started my fascianation with all things 80s)
    7. you and me and the bottle make three tonight by big bad voodoo daddies(what started my love for swing/rockabilly)
    8. any song from sound of music(made me start wanting to sing and act)
    9. Its my life by bon jovi( How i felt not to long ago)
    10. minority by green day( what started my love of green day.)
    11. greatest show unearthed by creature featre(what started my goth loving side)
    12. no good deeds from wicked,(both my nieces and mine favorite song from wicked. well one of many favorite songs. )

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