As you can see in my Little Mermaid Review that i wrote before i said that i saw Legally Blonde THe Musical and here is my Review:

Elle Woods: Amazing Voice and Amazing Actress. Emmett Forrest: Amazing Voice and Amazing Actor. Paulette: OMG a incredibly strong and amazing voice and was an amazing actress. Callahan: Strong Voice and excellent actor. I saw an understudy for Warner but he had an excellent voice and was a excellent actor. Viviene: Excellent voice and excellent actor. Bruiser and the other dog were just so cute . Set Review: The Set was so cool! First there was a drop of outside the Delta Nuu House (the beginning of Omigod) and then there was the inside of the house that was on a track so it moved offstage. Next is the Harvard set which is really cool because some props actually turn around by itself and move around. The courthouse props were really cool also as was Paulette's salon because they were both really big drops

OK Thats My Review! I give the show a 5 star rating!