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    Danny Elfman Heads To Broadway

    Hey everybody,

    I have great news for all of you Danny Elfman fan out there. Danny Elfman the composing of Nightmare Before Christmas is headed to Broadway! Now Nightmare Before Christmas is not going to be a Broadway show. Sorry. But, he's composing something better. He's composing a new musical called Houdini. Here's the link for more information:

    I thought having him compose the musical of Houdini is a great choice and I hope you all agree with me. I adore Danny Elfman's music from Nightmare Before Christmas. He should be the next Andrew Lloyd Webber in America. The new musical Houndini will open on Broadway in Spring 2010.
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    Re: Danny Elfman Heads To Broadway

    Go Elfman!
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    Re: Danny Elfman Heads To Broadway

    That's pretty awesome (though I'm sad it's not for Nightmare :P)

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    Re: Danny Elfman Heads To Broadway

    with elfman, its gonna be awesome! well the music will be anyway.

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