...and it was awesome. Fat Bob and the crew did not disappoint after waiting over 20 years to finally see them.

They played for 3 hours, including 3 encores. And they played all the good stuff... everything from "Boys Don't Cry" to "Just Like Heaven" to "Fascination Street" to "The Lovecats" to "A Forest". My only complaint is they didn't play my favorite song, "Disintegration". But other than that I had a great time.

The goths were out in full force, which was awesome. I even saw a guy with his hair teased out like Robert Smith's. Some lady was wearing a dress that reminded me of a disco ball and I saw some chick in a long skirt, corset and long black gloves. Oh and I can't forget the girl with the bright pink mohawk!

Yeah I'd go see them again.