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    The Incredibles Play Set MiceChat Review

    The second in the MiceChat Play Set Reviews takes you from the campus of Monsters University and into Metroville. This peaceful city has seen its fair share of super heroes and super villains, but none like Syndrome who still wishes to exact revenge on Mr. Incredible, his family and all of Metroville by releasing captured villains to terrorize the city.

    Just like the Monsters University Play Set, only characters from this world are allowed in The Incredibles Play Set. These include Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash and Syndrome. Without having all the characters you will not have access to playing them within the Play Set or unlocking specific challenges, character specific vaults or the Play Sets main vault.

    The Play Set doesnít re-tell a tale from the movie, but instead an adventure that any child could only imagine while playing with their toys. This idea is further supported by the citizens used throughout the town, which remind me of Fisher-Price Little People. They have no real bodies and are childproof looking. While some may disagree, I actually liked the look as it gave authenticity to the Play Set notion.

    You start off as Syndrome has thrown the Incredible family far away, which causes you to be transported back into the cities docks which have been destroyed. Here you learn basic mechanics for the character that do not differ from the Monsters University Play Set, a good thing as familiarity sinks right in. This is a free roam world with the ability to start as many missions at once and deciding what order you want to finish them. Obviously you can only continue through the main story mode by finishing the main story modes prior mission before moving on to the next one.

    Difficulty varies as some missions are easy and some add a decent amount of difficulty to complete. An issue I had that I couldnít turn off in the Monsters University Play Set was the green arrow pointing me to exactly where I needed to go in a mission. The Incredibles Play Set did the exact opposite and seemed to have this turned off from the get go. While at first I was pleased, missions that required me to find various enemies for example having to find five hiding bank robbers seemed almost impossible to complete. I had to run back to the mission giver to turn on the green arrow so it could show me where to go. This isnít a knock on the Play Set, but more of a knock on myself.

    Another difficult part of the play set was the Tank Omnidroids. A portion of the game showcased smaller versions that were easy to evade and destroy. As you progress through the play set, the advanced robots really put up a challenge. The Tank Omnidroids shoot laser beams in your direction even as you move away to avoid them. If you end up getting caught in the laser beam expect to be outmatched and a huge possibility of your character breaking apart (they do get put back together though).

    While you can scale buildings and slide on wires and pipes such as in MU, this Play Set introduces you to some new items and methods of travel that just arenít possible in the Monsters University Play Set. Mr. Incredible's Sports Car is one of two vehicles youíll unlock in this play set. It will actually be one of the first items you can use that allows you to explore the city without being forced to walk around. Youíll also be introduced to a heliÖ Incredicopter that lets you reach the top of those tall skyscrapers. The Glide Pack lets you sore in the air for a short time to complete missions and obtain capsules in odd to reach places. My favorite though is the Hover board with its ease of use mechanics overall fun get around vehicle. These all expand the gameplay allowing you further exploration of the Play Set. The best part is these all unlock in the Toy Box mode.

    I worried that I wouldnít be able to understand The Incredible Play Set because it wasnít a movie I was particularly fond of. Instead it produces an understandable narrative even if you forgot or didnít watch the movie in the first place. Still without watching the movie, you may not understand each characteristic they all exhibit.

    The map size seems to be on par, if not a bit bigger than the MU Play Set. What it does take advantage of is its ability to take the play set up high onto the skyscrapers, adding an element of massive discovery. It forces players to look at their surroundings to try and figure out the best method to climb the buildings. There are 30 hoarder traps laid out across the whole play set. In five of them will be super heroes that will be located at headquarters awaiting you to ask them for help. I recommend asking for their help as they can take care of Omnidroids as you fight or move along in a mission.

    The presentation is reminiscent of the movie, showing characters with outrageous abilities that you can now control and perform. I enjoyed the plastic toy bridges and Fisher-Price looking Little People toys used throughout the play set. It adds a charm that you tend to only see in Lego video games or Toy Story movies. This look though may be hit or miss for some people, but was a hit with me. While the charm of the Monsters University Play Set was itís true to life look of college campuses and Frat houses, the charm of this is its child-like looking objects which could be seen in a toy box. Another nice touch was the damaging of buildings when you crash or throw a robot into one. It adds an unexpected realism to this toy world.

    The music was a huge selling point for me in the Monsters University Play Set and though it stayed true to the theme for the Incredibles, I didnít get that same sense of emotion that I had in the MU Play Set. This does tie into my lack of fondness for the movie as it plays a huge part into not having that sense of connection. Still, the music is oft changing and stays thematically true to what youíd except to hear from a super hero movie/game.

    Lingering issues from the MU Play Set are present here as well. While the see through dotted textures throughout the buildings and landscapes did occur in this play set, it didnít happen as often as it did in the MU Play Set. Repeat voice overs did occur, but again only a handful of times compared to the near every time in the MU Play Set. Climbing mechanics still offered an oft-timed clunky experience causing you to jump or not jump when needed at near inopportune times. The gold star mission glitch seen in the MU Play Set was not present, which was a relief. Something that did bother me was the pictures used while talking to mission givers. They were jagged and discolored and didnít look up to par when compared to the rest of the game. Can this be fixed in a software update? I honestly donít know, but it would be nice if it could.

    Completion of the main story took over five hours with an added two hours to complete the side missions as well. For full 100% completion of the play set, it took over 11.5 hours. This stays on par with the Monsters University Play Set and is a big plus to the overall satisfaction of the game. This should hopefully ring true for the rest of the play sets as well.

    I enjoyed my time in The Incredible Play Set and was glad to see the change of pace offered compared to the sneaking around, pulling off pranks gameplay in the Monsters University Play Set. The new set of items that further expanded how to explore and get around added a new dimension to the game. Plus the items unlocking into the Toy Box adds to the extensive time that can be spent in that mode already. Difficulty varies at times with some missions being tedious to complete. Young ones may have a tough time with some of the enemies and hang gliding missions required to complete. Issues present in the MU Play Set are here as well, but are not as invasive as they were before. The immersiveness that was lost during the MU Play Set, does not occur here which was good to see.

    The music is a judgment call that youíll need to decide for yourself. It works nicely with the Play Set, but I never had an emotional connection to it causing it to just sound like background music. This does not mean it was bad, just the connection to the movie others have towards it, I donít have. What seemed a little difficult was balancing the level upgrading of all the characters for this set. The Incredibles set offers the most, with five useable figures. To evenly level them out means they will only stay around level four by completing everything in the play set. For some this may be an issue, while others wonít think twice about it. Itís fun trying out each characters unique power such as Violetís invisibility that greatly helps in evading the Omnidroids, to Syndromeís zero-point energy to pick up and throw enemies as if you were Darth Vader.

    Itís a recommended experience especially if you want to add more items to the Toy Box mode. For those playing on the PS3, Xbox 360 or the Wii U, youíll be able to enjoy 2-player local co-op, just as long as you have another character for this world. Each player can help within a mission or go off to separate locations to complete missions. This can vastly change your time of completion of the Play Set compared to playing it alone.

    Two out of three starter pack play sets completed with the Pirates Of The Caribbean Play Set up next. This should be a drastically different experience since it is based off live action movies. Iím looking forward to it and you should too as Iíll have a review up for it next week! If you havenít read my reviews for the Monsters University Play Set or the Starter Pack, then you wonít have to look any further because theyíre right here on MiceChat!

    If you have any questions about the Play Set, opinions how much you did/didnít like The Incredibles Play Set or anything comments about anything else, please do so below!
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    Re: The Incredibles Play Set MiceChat Review

    After watching the movie again last night, I have to commend Disney Interactive/Avalanche for staying true to the characters mannerisms, speech and overall mood of the play set. This really boosts my impression of the play set a lot.
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    Re: The Incredibles Play Set MiceChat Review

    Besides the last boss....i love this playset though i liked all of them but the Cars one

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