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    A second starter pack?

    How far off would a second starter pack be? Any guesses? I'm interested in playing the game, but not exactly with the characters in the starter pack. THOUGH(after watching another unboxing) it seems I could just buy Violet and play through the only playset I would really want to play through currently, that being the Incredibles one. Question still stands though. Any word, or guesses, on when another starter pack may come out, and who might be in it if they do?

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    Re: A second starter pack?

    I don't think they would because they could just sale play sets and singles. But who knows what they mat do in the future, though I think it would be another year or more if they did. Maybe a Marvel or Star Wars independent set.

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    Re: A second starter pack?

    That's what I figured. I think they'll probably do another, but not for at least a few months after the release. Only reason I think that is that it's called Starter Pack 1, correct me if I'm wrong, so that kinda denotes at least a 2nd or more that could be released.


    It'd be nice if they do release Star Wars or Marvel characters that they release some, or a few or whatever in a starter pack. Would be a good idea, imo.
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