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    Singstar Singalong with Disney


    The first time I've been jealous of the PAL territories!

    Ever wanted to sing along with iconic Disney characters such as Aladdin, The Littler Mermaid, and Cinderella? Well, if you live in PAL regions you can. The Playstation 2 is still alive an kicking it seems as this Autumn PAL people can enjoy another new SingStar game. Now that's a regional exclusive I'm jealous of. So I know most of you are wondering, yes, the characters will indeed sing with you on screen. Imagine, if you will, singing "A Whole New World" with the Aladdin! The mind boggles. Check the jump for the full release plus the current track list with more expected to come.
    Step into a world of music, magic and family fun with SingStar® Singalong With Disney on PlayStation®2.
    Make it a fairytale Holiday sing along with Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and other Disney animated movies this Autumn
    Leipzig Games Convention, 20th August 2008: The music of Disney classic animated movies is about to be brought to life on PlayStation®2 when Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) releases SingStar® Singalong With Disney exclusively for PAL territories this Autumn.
    The wonderful magic of Disney comes from its timeless music as much as its spellbinding animation, from The Little Mermaid to Peter Pan, to Aladdin and Toy Story. With Disney fans of all ages in mind, SingStar Singalong With Disney proves that no one is ever too old for fairytales, and mum will be keen to join in with the kids to show off her singing skills. Tracks from Disney classics old and new ensure that every member of the family will find a favourite on the track list. The game features classic SingStar options allowing players to sing in solo, duet, or battle.
    Each track is accompanied by clips from the original Disney movies, which means that your favourite characters appear on screen as you sing along. There is no longer any need to wait; every Disney fan’s dream comes true in Autumn 2008 when SingStar Singalong With Disney is released on PlayStation 2.
    SingStar Singalong With Disney will include the following tracks, with more to be confirmed very soon.
    Aladdin A Whole New World
    The Jungle Book The Bare Necessities
    Toy Story You Got A Friend In Me
    The Little Mermaid Under The Sea
    Pinocchio When You Wish Upon A Star
    Songs will be made available in local languages across PAL territories.
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    Re: Singstar Singalong with Disney

    You know what's funny? On gaming news sites, they treat this news with sarcasm. But on MiceChat, people are genuinely excited for it.

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    Re: Singstar Singalong with Disney

    This is what I hope for when I bought Singstar. Hopefully they will make songs available for download for the PS3. instead we get "Disney Sing It". Here's hoping they add songs from the animated movies.
    IGN: Disney Sing It Preview

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    Re: Singstar Singalong with Disney

    Singstar is fun... but this does make me all... meh... I was hoping it would come out in the US

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