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    RCT2 Disneyland/California Adventure/Magic Kingdom Parks

    I recreated Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, and California Adventure using RCT2 and custom scenery. The Link has screenshots and ways to download. Enjoy the parks and feel free to comment. I'm currently getting an updated version of the parks online for download and will post when they are available. Thanks
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    Re: RCT2 Disneyland/California Adventure/Magic Kingdom Parks

    OK, that is very cool. It's so hard to recreate Disneyland, in fact any Disney Park, in RCT2 but this one looks really great. I forgot about all the custom scenery available for RCT2. Really nice work and I would download this Park but I don't have a viable version of RCT or RCT2 anymore. I am working with RCT3 but designing my own parks and making videos of them. But I really love that castle. It is perfect.
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