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    questions about the VMK dictionary

    I know VMK doesn't exist anymore, but I have some questions since I've never played it before.

    VMK is notorious for its limited dictionary and players are only allowed to used certain pre-defined words. VMK isn't the only online game to use this feature: on November 14th, 2001, a similar "feature" was added to RuneScape but it was removed the next day because players hated it. The unofficial forums were filled with rants that day.

    Have VMK players ever reacted in this way? Or have they gotten used to it?

    I've heard that "dictionary dancing" is against the rules, so would using some sort of phonetic alphabet have been against the rules as well?

    An example of a proposed phonetic alphabet:

    A = Aurora
    B = Bambi
    C = Cinderella
    D = Dumbo
    E = Eeyore
    F = Flower
    G = Ghost
    H = Herbie
    I = Island
    J = Jasmine
    K = Khaki
    L = Loopy
    M = Mickey
    N = Ninja
    O = Owl
    P = Philip
    Q = Quest
    R = Rocket
    S = Simba
    T = Tiki
    U = Ursula
    V = Vampire
    W = Wonderland
    X = Exact
    Y = Yeti
    Z = Zombie
    Also, was it ever possible to communicate by using Morse code (or variant thereof) by using different punctuation symbols?

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    Re: questions about the VMK dictionary

    First off, welcome to MiceChat!

    I don't know of any uproar or rants from a majority of VMK players over the limited dictionary - I'm pretty sure most people just accepted it (although there were sometimes rants over why a certain word wouldn't be allowed, whether it be a Disney character name, uncommon word, etc.)

    As far as a phoenetic alphabet, yes, some people did resort to that, but usually only if they had a very specific word to get across. Also, they would use the simplest of words (such as We Or Run Do So) to minimize effort. This was against the rules, but was not very strictly moderated.

    Most of the time people would dictionary dance anyway, as the staff didn't enforce the rule much unless someone was dictionary dancing to convey inappropriate language. Common examples included "" (as in "thanks for"), "" (or any name, to show possession, as well as plurals), and adding ".i" on the ends of words. Also, because numbers were not allowed due to personal info dangers, numbers were always known as:


    VMK staff used these as well, especially when hosting games, so they were practically new words themselves.

    No morse code was possible, as no more than two of each punctuation mark (as well as words) were allowed in each chat entry. Personally, this caused a lot of problems when writing messages to other players, since I was limited to two periods and two commas.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: questions about the VMK dictionary

    Welcome to Mice Chat!

    Although it was against the rules, many people did dictionary dance and use other ways to get around the word blocker such as this:

    Moo I Cute Eat Cute Hat A Tea

    Which people would understand as:

    Moo I Cute Eat Cute Hat A Tea = Micechat.

    Which yes, would still have been against the rules because it was giving out 'personal' information.

    When they took words such as "baby" and "love" out of the dictionary, people acted up but I don't really think that there was a huge discussion outside of VMK. People would just use terms such as "bay be" or "heart."

    The moderators never really enforced the rules very strictly when it came to words like baby, love, ect. but they would ban a player who used dictionary dancing or a phonetic alphabet while trying to convey a negative or inappropriate theme.
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    Re: questions about the VMK dictionary

    Awh, I remember this. They pretty much already answered the question.
    But I was wondering if this ever in your time playing vmk did THIS happen: Your writing something for school and you write "I just found tent apples"
    Well, you catch my drift ;D
    and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3

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