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    Re: Cigarette-like warning on Video Games

    Quote Originally Posted by Madame_Leota View Post
    Ugh. This pisses me off. I think it's really up to the parents to decide what games their kid should play. The ESRB exists for a reason, and they already put disclaimers such as "violence", "language", "sexual situations", "drug reference", etc.

    Also, I've been playing video games since I was a baby, and video games have never made me want to beat anyone up. Cartoons have never made me want to beat anyone up. Movies have never made me want to beat anyone up. I don't think media makes people violent.

    those things may not make people violent but stupid politicians might so i say on each ballot we should have a warning that reads "candidates intelligence and willingness to care about the issues you think matter may be exaggerated greatly"
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    Re: Cigarette-like warning on Video Games

    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    This is just the governments way of saying they are "trying" to help educate people of the product the consumer is buying or whatever. If its just a sticker or something its not that big of a deal. Now if the government steps in and tries to edit video games, then lets make a big deal about it. Until then, who cares. Thought, it is kinda dumb to have the ESRB and yet government is doing their job for them by putting labels on the box. As if a "Rated M" or "A" isn't enough. And browncoat, leave Virgina cheese alone, its not hurting anybody.
    Seriously, you make a point... its only a sticker or something on the packaging or on the box for the game. Remeber that the majority of people are dumb and need something to be staring them in the face to see the so called "risks" of doing it. Cigarettes have them, bottles of Liquor have them, and soon video games might.

    I honestly think games should have them if they are compulsive or addicting to play because once I start gaming, I dont get off, and sometimes have skipped meals because I am entrenched in the game [tell that to me playing Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts 2, or any RPG and I cant even remember how many times I skipped lunch and refused to get out of my room because I was playing it]

    And I sure would hope games like WoW would have that sticker or warning label that you will lose your social life and have strained relationships because the amount of real life interaction my friends miss out on and the amount of times I have been blown off from hanging out on the weekends because my friends were on a quest [when my friends assured me earlier in the week they would not be playing WoW and would be joining me for a party on the weekend] I would hope they have a warning label for WoW and games like it.

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