If you have an Xbox today and want to try or replay the Begging of Fable 2 for FREE then go on Xbox Live today and download your FREE Episode.
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Remember back during GC when Fable III was announced along with Fable II Episodes, the “try before you buy” version of the popular 2008 title that allows gamers to experience the mind of Molyneux one pre-paid chapter at a time (with the opening chapter being free to ALL XBL members). Well, the Fable II Episodes have today launched via XBL and those of you who haven’t yet experienced the game can now test drive your way through Albion to see if its your bag. Pretty cool concept if you ask us (well…me anyway), although the actual pricing of the individual chapters is curiously missing from the official press release. We’ve got an official description of the content for ya after the jump if you’re interested.

Fable II: Game Episodes delivers the entire Fable II experience in five consecutive installments, with all the Achievements, challenges, and excitement of the disk-based game. In the first episode, which is completely free, you will experience childhood and the trials of being a young adult in the world of Albion. After completing the chapter, you have the choice to then purchase the next installment and continue your adventure. Fable II: Game Episodes fully compatible with the disk-based, retail version of Fable II, allowing players to enter Albion and continue their story should they purchase Fable II at retail. The episodes also deliver full compatibility with the previously released Game Add-ons, Knothole Island and See the Future.