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    Smile Re: anyone still play Nintendo 64?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oathkeeper View Post
    I still play my N64 - Legend of Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, the original Super Smash Brothers, and Diddy Kong Racing are my favorites.

    Though Goldeneye was fun to play with my brother, especially on slap-only mode XD
    Slap mode was hillarious!!!

    I wish my N64 still worked but it doesn't I download Virtual Console Games from the Wii though...

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    Re: anyone still play Nintendo 64?

    Starwars: Pod Racers FTW.
    I really loved that game as it was so INFURIATING at some parts. Of course, I blame Zelda:OoT for my Zelda addiction, and Banjo was a dear old friend.

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    Re: anyone still play Nintendo 64?

    even though I don't own a N64, I do have virtual console versions N64 games on my Wii. Super Mario 64 and Zelda oot ftw.

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    Re: anyone still play Nintendo 64?

    Heck yes I do. I still have my old N64 and a bunch of games. I don't really buy N64 games on the Virtual Console though, since I have an N64, but I did buy the DS version of Super Mario 64 even though I have the original game, because I feel that they added enough stuff to make it worth a buy.

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    Re: anyone still play Nintendo 64?

    I do Mario Kart 64 is still one of the best racing games EVER! Both Zelda's are classic's, Mario 64 has some great levels, Paper Mario is a great RPG and too many other great games make it the best system YET to be made.

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