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Thread: Bioshock 2

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    Question Bioshock 2

    Well recently I got introduced to the wonderful world of Bioshock and have become obsessed. So much so that I finished Bioshock in two days! So now I'm playing Bioshock 2 at a bit slower pace, and have delved into the multiplayer aspect of it as well.

    Now, this is the first time I play a game like Bioshock ... along with the multiplayer aspect of it. Also, I've noticed that in the 'Survival of the Fittest' mode (which is the only one I've played) you're thrown in with player of various levels ... which means I die ... A LOT! One time I got lucky and donned the Big Daddy suit and it was fantastic, mostly because I killed my brother with a proximity mine.

    What advice can you give me so that I can die a little less ... LOL!

    P.S. By the way ... has anyone noticed that there are now Disney avatar items available? I recently got some Minnie Mouse ears for mine!

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    Re: Bioshock 2

    the single player is basically just like the first game - but that means it was good too

    MP is new and the way it does weapons/etc is kind of interesting. I've been playing, but only 2-3 times... so hard to find time to play at home
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